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Aerosport Scamp



Harris Woods designed the Scamp originally with a tailwheel around a box keel of 5” x 2” extruded aluminium, to which are attached the landing gear, bottom wings, empennage, and fuselage bulkheads, as well as another extruded piece running vertically in front of the pilot to hold the top wing. All spars are tubular aluminium, and the strength in this basic structure gives it aerobatic capabilities. The Scamp can be used for limited aerobatics and is stressed to + 6G and -3G. An open-cockpit, single-seater biplane with T-tail, and tricycle undercarriage. A fibreglass engine cowlings is supplied in the kit.

First flown in 1974, the Scamp can be built from either plans or a kit.




At least one example has been fitted out as a sprayer in South America. Powered by a 2100 cc Revmaster, it has a tank slung underneath with a 200 lb agricultural overload.

Price in 1982: $4,460 (with plans, excludes engine). Units delivered to June 1982: 78.

Engine: VW            
Gross weight: 768 lb
Empty weight: 520 lb            
Useful load: 248 lb
Fuel capacity: 30 USG            
Wingspan: 17 ft 6 in
Length: 14 ft             
Top speed: 105 mph
Cruise speed: 90 mph            
Stall: 45 mph
Ceiling: 12,000 ft        
Takeoff dist: 300 ft
Landing roll: 400 ft            
Range: 150 mile
Max X-wind: 30 kt


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