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In 1993 a new training hang glider, the Student-16, was designed and built. These were named Target abroad.

BHPA certificates for the Target-16 and Target-13 were received and the Student was still being manufactured in 1998. Targets are beginner-friendly with smooth proportionate control pull allowing experience for switching to more sport wings. Hang gliders of Target family have been designed taking into consideration all usual requirements of flight school instructors for training devices. They are easy to repair and rigid construction stands hard landings.

In 1999 the tandem Target-192 was developed.

For flight school instructors and anyone who wants to fly a tandem, Aeros created the tandem Target 21 in 2006, obtaining the BHPA certificate in 2007. In 2007 the new Target 16 for beginners was made significantly lighter and weighed only 23.5 kg without bags.

The Target 13M/16M version is specially modified for the installation of a small and light engine which will allow foot launch, and to gain altitude easily. The glider’s frame is strengthened, there is an extra keel tube in-cut not to interfere with powerplant and propeller installing. “Doodlebug” and “Mosquito” powered harnesses have been used.

The Target 21 tandem hang glider launches, handles and lands quite similarly to Target 16. The glider is comfortable at all flight modes from the first steps at launch to the very landing. Despite its large size, the glider can be easily flown by a single pilot unless his weight is under 85 kg. The Target 21 features 7075 leading edges and a 48x1.5/45x1.5 mm keel tube, 36x1.5 mm control frame downtubes, 32x2 mm control frame basetube, 180 HTP Square trailing edge fabric, 7075-T6 battens with lever type rear batten tips, full leading edge Mylar insert and streamlined kingpost. Options include a full landing gear set.



Target 13
Sail area: 13.4 sq.m        
Wing span: 8.65 m
Aspect ratio: 5.6            
Nose angle: 118 degs
Weight: 24.5 kg            
Brakedown length: 5.1/3.2/2/0 m
Hook-in pilot weight: 50-75 kg            
Top Batten Number: 13
Double Sail: 30 %            
Min. airspeed: 25-26 km/h
Max. airspeed: 70 km/h            
Best glide ratio: 7
BHPA Certificate: № 9511109        
Price (1998): £ 1795

Target 16
Sail area: 16.2 sq.m / 175 sq.ft    
Wing span: 9.6 m
Aspect ratio: 5.7            
Nose angle: 120 degs
Weight:     26 kg / 57 lb        
Brakedown length: 5.7/3.8/2.0 m
Hook-in pilot weight: 65-105 kg        
Top Batten Number: 15
Double Sail: 30 %            
Min. airspeed: 23-25 km/h
Max. airspeed: 70 km/h            
Best glide ratio: 7
KP/TL: Kingpost         
BHPA Certificate: № 9511108
Skill Level: Novice             
VG: No
Price (1998): £ 1795

Target 21 Tandem
Sail area: 20.5 sq.m        
Wing span: 10.8 m
Aspect ratio: 5.7            
Nose angle: 122 degs
Weight:     34 kg            
Brakedown length: 4.3/6.4 m
Hook-in pilot weight: 85-190 kg        
Top Batten Number: 18
Double Sail: 30 %            
Min. airspeed: 26 km/h
Max. airspeed: 85 km/h            
Best glide ratio: 7
BHPA Certificate: № 0708170


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