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The Aeros team create the Profi new trike wing in 2000. It was designed as the wing for professionals.

A trike wing. The wing has wide speed range, from 45 to 130 km/h, and maximum speed is achieved without great physical efforts required from the pilot. The wing has easy roll handling, with efforts comparable with usual competition hang gliders.

In 2004 the Aeros-2 trike with a Rotax-912 engine and a Profi wing achieved DULV preliminary airworthiness certificate for the maximum take-off weight of 472.5 kg.
Further improvement led to serial production of Aeros first kingpostless trike wing, the Profi TL, in 2006. The Profi TL has higher trim speeds and more responsive pitch and roll handling.

By 2007, the Profi TL design had added winglets, to improve handling at the high speeds.

The topless Profi TL wing for microlights has streamline struts replace the usual kingpost, reducing the drag and providing better performance. The 14.5sq.m sail is designed and cut to give good stall characteristics, easy handling in rough air and a 472.5 kg load-bearing capacity. The sail material is plain and strong NCV cloth with UV protection, optionally provided with light profiled carbon leading edge inserts.

This topless wing will enable long distance flights with a maximum speed with Aeros 2 trike unit and Rotax 912 of 140 kph in horizontal flight. The electromechanic trim device maintains the cruising speed easily. Flying fast is easy with acceptable bar pressure.

If necessary the wing can be stored fixed to the pylon and rolled. It can be assembled upright like free flight hangglider.

The Profi TL wing in a base version comes with the winglets.

The winglets refine longitudinal stability that is especially noticeable in straight flights at high speeds. The Profi TL with winglets is more stable in spirals, as sliding reduces. The winglets enable well-defined turns and changing of bank angle. The winglets don’t affect stall characteristics no wing performance at the maximum flight speed. The maximum flight speed with the winglets increases 5-10 km/h.   

Wing area: 14.5 sq.m        
Wing span: 10 m
Aspect ratio: 6.9            
Nose angle: 128 degs
Max. speed: 130 km/h        
Min. speed, (with max. load): 52 km/h
Cruising speed: 85-100 km/h        
Operational acceleration range: +4 / -2 G
Max. takeoff weight: 472.5 kg            
Wing weight (without covers): 48 kg
Stall Speed: 29 mph

Profi 14.5
Wing area: 14.5 sq.m / 156 sq.ft    
Wing Weight: 49 kg / 108 lb
Wingspan: 10 m / 32.8 ft        
Dual Surface: 77%
Nose Angle: 130 deg            
Aspect Ratio: 6.9
Folded Length: 5.4 m / 17.7 ft        
Short Folded Length: 4.1 m / 13.4 ft
Stall Speed: 46 km/h / 29 MPH    
Wing Loading MTOW: +6 / -3g
Minimum Flying Speed: 50 km/h / 31 MPH    
Minimum Cruise Speed: 67 km/h / 42 MPH
Maximum Cruise Speed: 120 km/h / 75 MPH    
Maximum Level Speed: 144 km/h / 90 MPH
VNE: 152 km/h / 95 MPH    
Ground Roll: 75 m / 250 ft
Rate of climb: 2.7 m/s / 550 fpm        
Sink Rate: 2.5 m/s / 500 fpm
Performances taken at Sea Level with an all up weight of 350 kg / 770 lbs in an Aerotrike powered by the Rotax 582 engine (64HP) with a 'C' Gearbox.

Profi-TL / Aeros 2 -Rotax 912 trike
Wing area: 14.5 sq.m        
Wing span: 10 m
Aspect ratio: 6.9            
Nose angle: 128 degs
Max. speed: 140 km/h        
Min. speed (with max. load): 52 km/h
Max. takeoff weight: 450 kg            
Cruising speed (with trim device): 85-125 km/h
Wing wt (w/out covers): 52 kg            
Operational acceleration range: +4 / -2 G



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