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Aeros Stream


A trike wing.

The Stream trike wing was put into production in 1997, capable of a maximum takeoff weight of 450 kg. Stream was designed on the Stranger basis with a main purpose of increasing the maximum launch weight up to 450 kg, while preserving the Stranger's flight performance.

Stream wing has as wide speed range, and the minimum speed is a bit lower (50 km/h for a single-seater variant). Controllability is not as control sensitive as the Stranger, but predictable at any speed. Launch is without any peculiarities - after the take-off, while the wing has not acquired trimming speed, there is some slight reverse effort on the control bar, which can be balanced, if necessary. After the take-off the wing is trimmed at cruising speeds of 80-85 km/h. Pitch effort at all speed range (from 50 to 110 km/h) have good gradient.

Stall is smooth and extended in time – first the wing "parachutes" flat, then the nose pitches downward and the wing starts acquiring speed. Reverse effort on the control bar is minor. There is no tendency to asymmetric stall.

The wing is suitable for flight training, as it forgives many pilots’ mistakes and does not play tricks. In its training variant the wing can be furnished with control frame extension for the instructor.


Stream 16
2 seat motortrike wing
Wing area: 16.2 sq.m
Wingspan: 10.2 m
Weight: 51 kg
Load weight: 450 kg
No. upper battens: 28
Min speed: 48-50 kph
Max speed: 120+ kph


Stream 16.2
Wing area: 16.2 sq.m / 175 sq.ft    
Wing Weight: 50 kg / 110 lb
Wingspan: 10.3 m / 33.8 ft        
Dual Surface: 74%
Nose Angle: 126 deg            
Aspect Ratio: 6.55
Folded Length: 5.9 m / 19.3 ft        
Short Folded Length: 4.2 m / 13.8 ft
Max. launch weight: 450 kg            
Wing weight (w/out covers): 51 kg
Stall Speed: 43 km/h / 27 MPH    
Wing Loading 450 kg / 992 lb: +6g -3g
Minimum Flying Speed: 48 km/h / 30 MPH    
Minimum Cruise Speed: 64 km/h / 40 MPH
Maximum Cruise Speed: 104 km/h / 65 MPH    
Maximum Level Speed: 110 km/h 69 MPH
VNE: 120 km/h / 75 MPH    
Ground Roll: 55 m 180 ft
Rate of climb: 4 m/s / 800 fpm        
Sink Rate: 2 m/s / 390 fpm
Performances taken at Sea Level with an all up weight of 350 kg / 770 lbs in an Aerotrike powered by the Rotax 582 engine (64HP) with a 'C' Gearbox.




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