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In 2005 the Aeros team took part in designing an entirely new product: the AL-12 ultralight sailplane and its powered version AL-12 M with a retractable power-unit.

The idea of a sailplane that could have some of the positive features of hang gliders and rigid wing gliders, and the possibility of soaring flight while using narrow thermals and "microlift", to takeoff from hang gliding sites, and the simplicity of quick rigging and ease of transportation appealed.

The sailplane offered by Aeros takes off by air towing or winch towing, andallows mounting a retractable engine for autonomous takeoff and climb. The cockpit is equipped with adjustable pedals and seat back that can be adjusted to the pilot's height up to 195 cm. There is a space for a backpack parachute. The sailplane can come complete with an optional rescue system.

For transportation purposes all control and stabilizing surfaces are removed, the cabin is detached, the wing with the tail beam is put into a package 0,2 x 0,58 x 5,7 m. The 0,6 x 0,86 x 3 m cockpit can be transported either as a whole assembly or in parts (cockpit, fuselage spine fairing, cockpit enclosure). The rigging takes around 40 minutes.


AL12M -Powered version ultralight sailplane


On October, 8, 2005 the first flight of a powered sailplane AL-12M with a retractable power-unit took place. The sailplane was piloted by its chief design engineer and the Aerola company top-pilot Nikolay Kononenko. The AL-12M had been brought to the take-off field on a car roof rack and within an hour and a half the sailplane was rigged up and prepared for tests. The power-unit is based on Solo-210 engine (16 hp) and provides for self-taxiing, take-off and acceptable climb rate.

During the first day six flights were performed and included air restarts.

Empty weight: 80 kg            
Мах. takeoff weight: 185 kg
Wing span: 13.3 m            
Sail area: 13 sq.m
Pilot weight: 60-110 kg        
Stall speed: 34-40 km/h
Мах. Airspeed: 140 km/h         
Best glide ratio: 27 (at 60 km/h)
Min. sink rate: 0.5-0.6 m/s (at 45 km/h)

Engine: Corsair Solo-210, 16 hp     
Empty weight: 120 kg     
Мах. takeoff weight: 220 kg             
Wing span: 13.3 m
Sail area: 13 sq.m             
Pilot weight: 60-100 kg
Stall speed: 39-45 km/h         
Мах. Airspeed: 140 km/h
Best glide ratio: 27 (at 65 km/h)         
Min. sink rate: 0.8 m/s (at 45 km/h)

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