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Aeroprakt A-22 / Valor / Foxbat / Sharik
FPNA Capetown



The Ukrainian-designed Aeroprakt A-22 is a metal-structured, side-by-side two-seater ultralight aircraft, with an excellent short take-off and landing (STOL) performance. The prototype of the A22 first flew in November 1996 and was designated the A-22 "Sharik". The A-22 has a traditional airplane layout (strut-braced highwing side-by-side two-seater with engine in front and tricycle undercarriage with steerable nose-wheel and traditional all-metal design. The structure of A-20 and A-22 (wing and tail) use traditional riveted aluminium, high level of pilot comfort, excellent flight performance and "classic" appearance. The A22 was available as a basic kit, a quick-build "final assembly kit" or as a factory-built, fly-away sport aircraft. Standard engine is the 100hp Rotax 912UL-S although the plane performs well with the basic 80hp Rotax 912UL. Other power units such as the Jabiru could also be considered. Yuri Yakovlev originally dubbed his new design "Sharik" and in Germany the plane has achieved certification to the BFU-95 requirement but is known simply as the A-22. In the USA they call it the "Valor" or "Valour". In Britain the A22 is called the "Foxbat".

Each kit is supplied with the fuselage, wings, tailplane, fin and all control surfaces pre-riveted. The remaining riveting work is confined to final fitting of the floor-pan (which is already "cleco'd" in place) and securing the fin and various mounting brackets and webs to the bare fuselage monocoque. Three special holding cradles are required during this stage of the construction and are provided on loan. The rest of the work consists of fitting the engine and ancillaries, the control mechanisms (torque tubes, push rods, bell-cranks, etc) all of which are factory finished, anodised and ready to install. No fabrication of components is required (each component bearing surface even has a pressed in aerospace-quality rose-joint).

After installing the undercarriage and wheels the final finishing involves covering and painting, and fitting the instrument panel, etc. An A-22 Foxbat kit can be assembled in 500 hours by one person, or less with an assistant. One person can complete most of the assembly but some jobs will need an extra pair of hands. A folding wing option is available.

FPNA (Float Planes and Amphibs) offers several conventional and water-capable S-LSA. The Sebring, Fla.,-based company sells and instructs on 13 aircraft, from light sports to ultralights to powered parachutes. LSA models include the A-22 Valor and its Capetown float version. Price 2012: $112,000 (Capetown).
FPNA Capetown

A-22 Foxbat
Stall: 26 kt / 30 mph / 48 kmh         
Cruise: 87 kt / 100 mph / 161 kmh
VNE: 106 kt / 122 mph / 196 kmh     
Empty Weight: 258 kg / 569 lb
MTOW: 450 kg / 992 lb             
Climb Rate: 1100 fpm / 6 m/s
Take-off distance (50ft obstacle): 330 ft / 100 m
Landing distance (50ft obstacle): 490 ft / 150 m

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