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Aeronautica lndustriai sa / AISA GN



In 1974 Aeronautica Industrial SA (AISA) started construction of the prototype AISA-GN, which was an all-metal four-seat autogyro with a small stub wing, three-blade main rotor, twin booms and a fixed tricycle undercarriage. After a long development, the prototype was first flown on 20 July 1982, powered by a 225kW Lycoming IO-540-K-1A5 engine. The prototype was damaged in September 1982, and the project was then abandoned.


Engine: 1 x Lycoming IO-540-K-1A5, 225kW
Main rotor diameter: 12.8m            
Fuselage length: 6.5m
Height: 3.2m            
Wingspan: 2.6m
Take-off weight: 1200kg            
Empty weight: 708kg
Max speed: 240km/h            
Range: 800km

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