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Aero Mirage Mirage TC-2



A super-clean, conventional design with quickly removable wings. Instead of small radical wings, this aircraft utilises modern composite materials and straightforward aerodynamic principles to achieve performance. All structural parts are pre-formed, including all spars. Metal fittings are pre-welded and only require some assembly and drilling.


The Team Tango Tango 2 was developed from the 1983 Aero Mirage TC-2.

Engine: Continental 0-200, 100 hp        
Gross weight: 1140 lb
Empty weight: 640 lb                
Fuel capacity: 36 USG
Wingspan: 21 ft                
Width (wings off): 7 ft
Top speed: 208 mph                
Cruise speed: 196 mph
Stall speed: 57 mph                
Climb rate: 1500 fpm
TO dist (50-ft): 850 ft                
Landing (50-ft): 950 ft
Range: 1200 sm                
U/c: retractable tricycle

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