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Advanced Composites SUA-7
KLS Composites SUA-7
The Advanced Composite SUA-7 (for Sport Utility Aircraft, 7 seats) was designed by Andreas Montgomery and William K. Regester and built in the early 2000s (the company was known as KLS Composites at the time).
The aircraft was mostly made of composite materials and designed to accept automotive V8 engines, such as the GM (Chevrolet) 502 V8 engine that was installed on the prototype N3061L.
Construction started 2001 or 2002 and it was presented at the 2003 EAA Sun`n Fun but not flown. N3061L was actually flown in 2005.
After disappointing performance on its early flight testing, the wings were discovered to be inadequate and a new pair of wings and nose gear was fitted in 2005. The new wings don't fit tight to the fuselage like they used to. The radiator is in the back, which is the reason for the scoop on top of the fuselage.
On the first day of test flying with the new wings the nose gear got broken, and further improvements were made. From then on, the SUA-7 flew amazingly well, but the money behind the company pulled back and the plane has been sitting on the tarmac since.
Yulee – Nassau, Florida, USA - April 2015
Engine: GM (Chevy) 502 V8
Wingspan: 41ft 4in / later approx. 56ft
Length: 34ft 6in
Height: 13ft 4in
Est. max speed: 198 mph
Cruise: 178 mph
ROC: 1,200ft/minute
Service ceiling: 10,000ft
Seats: 7
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