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Design began in 1998 with two prototypes flown in 2002 and AeroCopter (Spain) showed the first production Futura two-seat ultralight autogyro at the Aero 2003 exhibition at Friedrichshafen, Germany, in April 2003. It was due to fly immediately after this debut.
Of twin-tailboom configuration with enclosed cabin, the Futura has a frame built in chrome-molibdene tube, specifically designed to meet or exceed all certification ultralight requirements, and fibreglass with epoxy resins canopy and glazing for low weight and the strongest combination.
The rotorblades were manufactured by Sport Copter in the USA, with pre rotation by Bowden cable.

Normally powered by one 74.6kW fuel-injected BMW R 1100 S flat-four driving a Woodcomp Kremen three-blade, flight-adjustable (electric), wooden pusher propeller via a reduction drive including a centrifugal clutch, engine options include a ROTAX 912 100 hp engine or a ROTAX 914 115 hp engine, both with a specific reduction drive, fuel injection and reliability. The tailbooms and main landing gear are mounted on anhedral aerofoil-shape fairings. Twin rudders, plus an all-moving central fin, actuated by Bowden cables provide control.

Equipped with a fixed tricycle type undercarriage, the main wheels are 400x100 and nose wheel 4.00-6. Hydraulic disc brakes are fitted on the mainwheels and the steerable nosewheel is directly linked to rudder. No equipment is extra or optional as everything is included as standard.
Price 2003-9: 55000 EURO

AeroCopter Futura

AeroCopter Futura
Engine: BMW R 1100 S, 74.6kW         
Propeller: Woodcomp Kremen 3-blade, flight-adjustable (electric), wooden pusher
Rotor diameter: 8.5 m                
Width overall: 2.1 m
Length overall: 4.0 m                
Height overall: 3.1 m
MTOW: 450kg / 992 lb            
Empty weight: 270 kg / 595 lb
VNE: 103 kt / 118 mph / 190 kmh     
Normal cruise speed: 86 kt / 99 mph / 160 kmh
Endurance: 4 hr                
Seats: 2
Take-off distance (50ft obstacle): 330 ft / 100 m
Landing distance (50ft obstacle): 20 ft / 5 m


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