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Aveko VL3
JMB Aircraft VL3
Designed by Vanessa Air and produced in the past by Aveko, the VL3 airframe is completely made of composite material. The entire aircraft can be broken down into individual units for ease of transport.
The cabin area features clean lines and a minimalist, contemporary design. The combination of carbon and kevlar fibers, which are extremely tough, provide safety to the crew in case of an emergency landing.
The aircraft is equipped with a heating and ventilation system.
The VL3 is available with two different engines: the Rotax 912 and the Rotax 914. Fixed or variable pitch propeller options were available.
The VL3 was successfully tested to ultimate loads up to +15G's and -8G's and flutter tested up to 460 km/h. A parachute rescue system limits VNE to 305 km/h.An airframe parachute is installed for emergency decent.
The base VL-3 includes: retractable gear, rotax 912ULS2 100 HP, rescue system, 3-blade propeller, cabin ventilation, canopy lock, 4-points safety belts, certified canopy, Beringer Brakes, 120L fuel tanks, airspeed indicator, hobbs, slip indicator, air fuel selector, Acryl paint, AOA.Base price is €123,500 Euros in 2020.
The VL3 has type certificates in The Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, France, Norway, Portugal, Poland, The Baltic States, South Africa, USA, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary and Romania. VL3 is eligible to be registered in Canada.
JMB Aircraft later became the production company of the VL3.
Engine: Rotax 915is Turbo, 141 hp
Vne: 340 kph
Cruise: 205 kt / 379 kph
Stall: 34 kt
Fuel consumption: 32 lt/hr
TO distance: 175 m
Landing dist: 175 m
ROC: 2000 fpm / 695 m/min
Max op alt: 5486 m
Range: 2100 km at 270 kph

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