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In the 1990’s, West Coast entrepreneur William Shaw and aeronautical engineer and aircraft designer Martin Hollmann, developed the three-wing design called Discovery. The carbon composite construction of the new Discovery is both strong and light, and the interior provides room and comfort for two, plus a baggage compartment. Originally designed as near 200 mph speedster, the Discovery has handling characteristics that will qualify it for the Light Sport Aircraft category (with factory speed reduction modifications).
The Discovery engineering team has used the three wing surface design to develop an airplane that is in both the high end experimental and the new LSA categories. “Three wing surface designs”, offer the best features of both conventional and canard winged airplanes. The high horizontal tail surface of the Discovery has efficient pitch control throughout the flight envelope and particularly at slower speeds. The small canard wing offers trim control and the safety advantage of slow speed stall resistance.

Engine: Lycoming O-360, 180 hp.     
Hp range: 115-200.
Range: 810 sm.             
Roc: 1500 fpm.
To dist: 800 ft.             
Ldg dist: 1200 ft.     
Fuel cap: 30 USG.         
Empty wt: 860 lbs.     
Mtow: 1620 lbs.         
Length: 17.9 ft.     
Wingspan: 30 ft.             
Undercarriage: Nose / fixed.
Wing span: 30 ft.            
Wing Cord (root): 4.91 ft.    
Wing cord (tip): 3.16 ft.             
Seating: 2 place (side by side)
Wing area: 125. sq. ft.        
Wing aspect ratio: 7.44
Wing airfoil section: NASA (NLF-0215)    
Wing loading (gross wt): 12.18 lb./sq. ft.
Carnard span: 7.9 ft.            
Carnard chord (root): 1.33 ft.    
Carnard chord (tip):.067 ft.            
Carnard area: 7.90 sq. ft.
Carnard airfoil section: NASA (NLF-0215)    
Carnard aspect ratio: 8.35
Horizontal tail span: 7.90 ft.            
Horizontal tail chord: 2.00 ft.    
Horizontal tail aspect ratio: 3.96        
Horizontal tail area: 15.80 sq. ft.
Horizontal tail airfoil section: NASA (63218)    
Length overall: 17.92 ft.
Fuel capacity: 30 USG        
Wheel base: 71 in.
Max speed level flight sea level: 200 mph        
Cruise 75% pwr: 170 mph
Stall speed (gross weight): 58 mph        
Initial ROC at sea level: 1500 ft/min
Range @ 75% power (no res): 714 miles    
Maneuvering speed: 135 mph
Never exceed speed: 240 mph        
G-limits at gross weight: +6.4 / -3.2
Cabin width: 43.00 in        
Cabin height: 39.00 in.
Baggage area: 24 cubic feet     
Controls: Centre stick/dual controls


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