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Aerial Experiment Association Red Wing

The first aeroplane of the AEA was the White Wing, designed and sponsored by Lt Thomas.E. Selfridge.
Named for its red fabric coloring, Glenn Curtiss built the engines for the Aerial Experiment Association Red Wing and the White Wing early in 1908.
Having no lateral control, it crashed on its first flight at Lake Keuka NY on 12 March 1908 after flying a distance of 318'11" (p: Baldwin).
The first public flight of an airplane in the US.
Aerodrome #1, Red Wing
Engine: Curtiss B8 air-cooled V-8 40hp pusher. Actual flight efficiency est. less than 20hp.
Wingspan: 43'4"
Length: 26'3"
Useful load: 185 lb
Seats: 1
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