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Aerosports Gr SF-1 Archon



Planning on building a new generation sport, ultralight fighter was hindered by construction technology at that time. Almost a decade had gone by without any actual development regarding this type of aircraft before work began.

The SF/1 Archon is made from aircraft aluminum alloy, designed with lines like a real Jet fighter. Wing removal time is approximately 30 min.



All metal construction from aircraft aluminium alloy.
Requires just basic skills and tools to assemble in a small workshop.






Engine: 50 hp
hp range: 40-130
Prop diameter max: 1.6m
Wingspan: 7.25m
Length: 8m
Height: 2.2m
Empty weight: 205 kg / 452 lb
Gross weight: 300 kg / 661 lb
Fuel capacity: 42 lt
Fuel consumption: 12 lit/h
Vne: 113 kts / 130 mph / 210 kph
Stall: 65 kph / 35 kts / 40 mph
Cruise speed: 81 kts / 93 mph / 150 kph
Vmo: 180 kph
Va: 155 kph
Vfe: 110 kph
Climb rate: 800 ft/min / 4 m/s
Glide ratio: 7-1
Load factor: +4/-2 G
Take off distance over 50ft (15m) obstacle: 490 ft / 150 m
Landing distance over 50ft (15m) obstacle: 490 ft / 150 m



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