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The AEG G.IV was produced in 1915 and entered frontline service by 1916, seeing action through to the end of the war in 1918.

The twin-engine, three-man aircraft was of a biplane design with two steel tube spars, wooden ribs, and wooden leading edge and wire trailing edge. Ailerons were on the top wing only. Of welded steel tube construction and covered in fabric except the plywood skinned nose section, the crew of four could change positions through connected cockpits.
Up to 882lbs of ordnance was carried on the aircraft and this was complimented with two defensive machine gun positions at fore and aft of the pilots mid-position.


The G.IV served the German air force in an offensive capacity but was limited by the short range when carrying a crew of three and full bomb load it was used mainly as a tactical bomber between allied lines on the Western Front. Without a bomb load, it was able to be used for long range reconnaisance and aerial photography. The units equipped with the G.IV fought against the Italians on the Southern Fronts to good effect and would even be called upon to complete night bombing missions. About 50 G.IVs were being used for night bombing behind Allied lines in August 1918.


An example was captured almost intact by the Allied forces and evaluated in flight in the UK, where it was found to be deficient in elevator control and extremely difficult to land. The absence of a passenger in the front gunner’s cockpit apparently made the machine almost uncontrollable.

Small numbers were built for assessment by the Schistas at the front. These included the G.IVb with a three bay wing cellule of increased span, and the G.IVK with a 20mm Becker cannon in the nose.

About 500 of the 542 AEG G bombers built were of G.IV type.




Engines: 2 x Mercedes D.IVa, 260hp
Prop: 2 blade wooden
Wingspan: 60 ft 4.5 in / 18.4m
Length: 31 ft 9.5 in / 9.7m
Height: 12 ft 9.5 in / 3.9m
Wing area: 721.21 sq.ft / 67 sq.m
Empty wt: 5291 lb / 2400 kg
MTOW:8003 lb / 3630 kg
Fuel capacity: 123 Imp Gal
Climb to 3280 ft / 1000m;5 min
Max speed: 103 mph / 165 kph / 89kt
Service ceiling: 14,765 ft / 4500 m
Time to 9000ft: 24 min
Max endurance: 4-5 hr
Maximum Range: 466miles / 750km
Max bomb load: 882 lb / 400 kg
Crew: 3
Armament: 2 x trainable 7.92mm LMG 14 Parabellum



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