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After the capture of a Sopwith Triplane the Germans began a programme of triplane design and development. The AEG version of the concept reached the prototype stage in October 1917 as the Dr.1, essentially a variant of the D.I. This mated a triplane wing to the D.Is fuselage, tail surfaces, engine and armament.
Flight testing revealed poor performance and handling characteristics and further development was abandoned.

Engine: 1 x 160hp Mercedes D.IIIa
Wingspan: 9.40 m / 31 ft 10 in
Length: 20 ft 0.5 in / 6.1m
Max take-off weight: 970 kg / 2138 lb
Empty weight: 710 kg / 1565 lb
Max. speed: 170 km/h / 106 mph
Cruise speed: 148 km/h / 92 mph
Armament: 2 x 7.92mm mg
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