Avia Stroitel AC5m Russia

Designed by Vladimir Federov, a motorised glider. The kit for this glider comes from the Penza factory via St Petersburg and Hamburg. First flown in December 1999.
The name “Russia” applies only in the UK and the USA; officially it is the AC5m.

The company behind the US entrant at the World Class Design Competition in Oerlinghausen in 1993 was so impressed by the simplicity and construction of the prototype Russian entry that they purchased it and offered to aid the Group Mechta to get established in the USA. Mechta Sailplanes LLC took over the distribution in 1994 and aggressively marketed the glider to the extent that a second assembly plant was established at Penza to supplement the Moscow unit. This raised the annual production to 48. Russia Sailplanes Inc of Bozeman. Montana was set up in 1997 to take the Russia to the next level in the USA. This relatively small glider, with a wingspan of only 12.6m, is powered by a 28 hp, carburetted, 313cc, single-cylinder, two-stroke, retractable Compact Radial MZ35 engine. Motori Zanzottera in Italy originally designed the engine, with manufactur-ing rights acquired by Compact Radial Engines of Canada.

Engine: Compact Radial MZ35, 313cc, single-cylinder, two-stroke, retractable, 28 hp.
Wing span: 12.6m.