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Autogyro Europe MT-03

Gyrate Eagle



Designed by AutoGyro Europe GmbH and HTC in 2002 and was flown first in 2003, the AutoGyro Europe MT-03 is a two-seater gyrocopter with an all-metal frame built by HTC at Hildesheim aerodrome in Germany on behalf of AutoGyro Europe GmbH. The MT-03, a so called Ultraleicht Tragschrauber, was the first autogyro which received the German UL type certification (in September 2003) from the DULV (German Microlight Association. The MT-03 is certificated in two versions: a basic open-frame gyro and a more comfortable version with composite windscreens, etc. The rotorsystem of the MT-03 is extruded anodised aluminium NACA 8 H 12 rotor built by Air Copter. The aluminium rotorblades are available in different lengths: diameter 6,50m - 8,40m. The MT-03 has a composite 3-blades propeller. The engine used is the Rotax 912 ULS (100 HP). With the Rotax 912 ULS, carburator heat and temperature gauge is standard. The MT-03 has a range of 400km at a speed of 130km/h; the max speed is 162km/h.


Engine: Rotax 912 ULS, 100 hp
Propeller: composite 3-blade
Rotorblade diameter: 6,50m - 8,40m
Max speed: 162km/h
Range: 400km
Max cruise: 152 kph
Cruise speed: 130km/h
Take off dist:10-70 m
Minimum speed: 32 kph
Landing run: 15 m
Endurance: 3 hr





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