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AEG Z.6 / B.I

Designed by Georg König, the Z.6 three-bay biplane of unequal span became the company’s first mass production type, serving with the military from 1914 as the B.1, an unarmed two-seat reconnaissance aircraft.

Almost the entire structure was of welded steel tube, the wings each having two tubular steel spars with wooden ribs covered in fabric. The tailskid featured a nosewheel unit mounted beneath the engine to protect the propeller if the aircraft nosed over. Large radiators for the engine were mounted on each side of the fuselage.

Type: Reconnaissance biplane.
Engine: Mercedes D.I inline, 100 hp.
Wingspan: 50 ft 10.25 in / 15.5 m
Length: 34 ft 5 3/8 in / 10.5 m
Wing area: 473.6 sq.ft / 44 sq.m
Empty wt: 1433 lb / 650 kg
Max speed: 62 mph / 100 kph
Seats: 2
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