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Arado Ar.396




A development of the Ar 96. A tandem two-seat advanced trainer of wooden construction, with a monoplane low wing cantilever, and retractable main landing gear. First flown on 29 December 1944.

Thr Ar.396 A1 single-seat version was armed and the Ar.396 A2 two-seater version was not armed.

Three prototypes were built but not delivered to Luftwaffe because of the end of the hostilities.

Production continued in France by SIPA after WWII as the SIPA S 10, S 11, and S 12.

Arado Ar.396 / SIPA S 11

Engine: Argus As 411 MY, 580 hp
Propeller: metal three-blade variable pitch
Wingspan: 11,00 m
Length: 9,30 m
Height: 2,45 m
Wing area: 18,30 m²
Empty weight:: 1643 kg
MTOW: 2060 kg
Max speed: 355 Kmh at 2400 m
Cruise: 275 Kmh
Ceiling: 6900 m
Range: 600 Km


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