Arado Ar.231



The Ar 231 was a small open cockpit single-seat reconnaissance floatplane, built in detachable sections, to be stored on a U-boat. The Ar 231 was a parasol-wing design, but for easier storage the right wing was attached lower than the left wing, and the center section was angled. When dismantled they could be stowed in a tube 6 ft 7 in (2m) in diameter for carriage by the submarine when submerged. The Ar 231 could be stored in six minutes, but only four were built and flight-tested in 1941.

Ar 231 V1 Wn° 2310001, KK + BP,
Ar 231 V2 Wn° 2310002, KK + BQ
Ar 231 V3 Wn° 2310003, KK + BR
Ar 231 V4 Wn° 2310004, KK = BS

Engine: Hirth HM 501A, 160 hp
Propeller: two-blade wooden fixed pitch
Wingspan: 10,17 m
Length: 7,82 m
Height: 3,83 m
Wing area: 15,20 sq.m
Empty weight: 868 kg
MTOW: 1050 kg
Wing loading: 69 kg/sq.m
Power loading: 6,562 kg/hp
Maxspeed: 170 Kmh
Cruise: 130 Kmh
ROC: 1000 m in 6 min
Ceiling: 3000 m
Range: 510 km
Endurance: 4 hours