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Arado Ar.76



The Ar 76 was a lightweight home-defence fighter and advanced trainer. Single-engined with an open cockpit, The Ar 76 parasol monoplane had a traditional horizontal stabilizer at the extreme back of the fuselage.

Few were built up to the end of 1934, preference being given to the Fw 56.

Engine: Argus Aces 10C, 240 hp
Propeller: two-blade fixed pitch
Wingspan: 9,50 m
Length: 7,20 m
Height: 2,55 m
Wingarea: 13,30 sq.m
Empty weight: 750 kg
MTOW: 1070 kg
Speed: 267 Kmh
ROC: 5000 m in 21 min
Ceiling: 6400 m
Range: 470 km
Armament: 1 MG 17 7,92 mm, or 2 MG 17, plus 3 x 10 kg bombs


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