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The Zia was originally conceived as a tailless motor glider and transformed by Oshkosh 1983 into the twin-boom pusher.

George Applebay entered the ultralight world with a very soaring-oriented design, the Zia, whose control system consists of tip rudders, angled so that they work in roll as well as yaw and controlled by stick and pedals through a mixer, and a slotted flap occupying 25% of the canard surface, which provides pitch control. Glidepath control is by flaps which extend to 45 degs.

The tricycle undercarriage has a steerable nosewheel and the braked main wheels are suspended on glass-fibre struts reinforced with Kevlar. He designed the Zia according to the JAR22 standard, using composite-construc-tion in the main but with Dacron wing covering.

Single-seat single-engined mid-wing mono-plane with conventional three-axis control. Wing has swept forward leading and trailing edges, and tapering chord; no tail, canard wing. Pitch control by flaps on canard; yaw/roll control by angled tip rudders; control inputs through stick for pitch/yaw/roll and pedals for yaw/roll. Cantilever wing; wing profile; double-surface. Undercarriage has three wheels in tricycle formation; suspen-sion on nosewheel and glass-fibre/Kevlar suspension on main wheels. Flush-right go-right nosewheel steering connected to yaw control. Brakes on main wheels. Composite -construction fuselage, totally enclosed. Engine mounted at wing height driving pusher prop-eller. The engine is started by a pull rope either on the ground or for air starting.




Engine: Robin EC25PS, 18 hp.
Power per unit area 0.14 hp/sq.ft, 1.6 hp/sq.m.
Fuel capacity 4.0 US gal, 3.3 Imp gal, 15.0 litre.
Length overall 13.1ft, 4.00m.
Wing span 43.3ft, 13.20m.
Total wing area 125sq.ft, 11.6sq.m.
Empty weight 209 lb, 95kg.
Max take-off weight 452 lb, 205kg.
Payload 243 lb, 110kg.
Max wing loading 3.62 lb/sq.ft, 17.7 kg/sq.m.
Max power loading 25.l lb/hp, 11.4kg/hp.
Never exceed speed 81 mph, 130kph.
Cruising speed 59mph, 95 kph.
Stalling speed 28 mph, 45 kph.
Best glide ratio with power off 27/1 at 42 mph, 67 kph.
No. of Seats: 1

Wing span: 14m / 46ft
Wing area: 118 sq.ft / 10.96 sq.m
Empty Weight: 182kg / 400lb
Payload: 113kg / 250lb
Gross Weight: 295kg / 650lb
Wing Load: 26.92kg/sq.m / 5.5lb/sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 18
Airfoil: Wortmann FX 66-197
Structure: fiberglass, carbon spar


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