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The first aircraft designed by Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov (1924) was OKA-1 glider, followed 1926-1929 by OKA- 3 to 7. He continued to build gliders during and after the war. The An-2 "workhorse" biplane of 1946 (when Antonov Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex organization was founded), was used for passenger, freight, exploration, ambulance, and agricultural work; fitted with wheels, skis, or floats and license-built in Poland and China.

At the Antonov Construction Bureau there lived a Ultralight Aircraft Department known for its creations: hang gliders Slavutich-UT, Sport-5 and trike T-2. These have been created according to aircraft requirements. The people working in the Department were able both to compute endurance of anything and to test a hang glider in CAGI wind-tunnel. In late 80s there started a co-operative trend and ITACO-CENTER co-operative was organised at the Ultralight Aircraft Department. This co-operative started to produce sports hang gliders C-14 and C-15, and about 150 of them were manufactured. Almost all members of USSR hang gliding national team used these hang gliders and attempts were made to sell these machines to the Western states and their certification in Germany was almost completed.

In 1991 specialists of the Ultralight Aircraft Department organised Limited Liability Association Aeros and starting from November, began to manufacture new wings: sports hang glider Stalker-14 and wings for trike Stranger which became Aeros' "business cards" for the few next years.

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