Noin, Claude
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 Claude Noin


Since 1973, the Noin brothers have been constructing free-flying wings (first sold under the Dahuplane brand).
Much more interested in research than commercial, they have tackled free flight trying to achieve aerodynamically safe aircraft. They are at the origin of the rods for the maintenance of the twist at the end of the wing and of the return halyards to give reflex to the sail.

They designed and built DAHU-PLANE, FLEX-PLANE, STRATUS 1, III B, and IV, CUMULUS 1, II and III, NIMBUS 1 and D 122 (double internal transverse surface) EDELWEISS and the TORNADO.


ALPAERO is owned and operated by Claude Noin, a skilled expert in composite and wood structures with over 20 years of design/build experience. Claude Noin is the son of a famous glider pilot, Felicien Noin, who was the first pilot to cross the Alps in a glider. He is able to use the latest technologies as well as the more traditional ones. He founded his firm Noin aeronautique in 1976 and manufactured or repaired several airplanes, motorgliders, boats (single hull or multi-hulls), and hang-gliders. ALPAERO is the trademark used by Noin aeronautique to manufacture and market the Choucas and Exel motorgliders on the international scale. ALPAERO tightly cooperates with experts specialized in aerodynamics and structures, with the stringent JAR-22 as a guideline.


RN 85
F-05130 Tallard