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Vladimir Myasishchev's design career included association with the ANT-16 and ANT-29 before work began, in 1940, on prototype DVB-102 twin-engined bomber.

New bureau established 1951 to develop four-jet long-range heavy bomber, which became Mya-4 Molot (NATO codename: Bison), first flown January 1953; also served as maritime research aircraft and finally as tanker and heavylift transport.

Designed M-52 Bounderiour-\e\ delta-winged strategic bomber seen at 1961 Soviet Aviation Day display, but not put into production. Produced II-22 airborne command post, as converted llyushin 11-18 airliner. Important M-17 first flew in May 1982, having been designed originally in early 1970s as high-altitude reconnaissance balloon interceptor but developed into M-17/M-55 high altitude reconnaissance and ecological monitoring aircraft. Small civil aircraft include pressurized and single turboprop eight-seat M-101 Gzhel (first flown 1995) and M- 201 Sokol twin-engined version, with projects covering M-202PW Olen enlarged development of the Indian Saras, M-203PW Barsuk radial-engined general-purpose transport, and M-500 piston-engined agricultural monoplane suited also to other roles.

Myasishchev died on 14th October 1978


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