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Moyes Delta Gliders
Moyes Microlights

Started in 1967, Moyes Delta Gliders was a Company solely dedicated to hang gliding.


Bill Bennett and his partner Bill Moyes worked improvents into the Rogallo tow kites and Moyes towed to 1000 feet in 1967. After the towboat ran into a sand bar one day and the kite gently glided down, they began to deliberatelycut loose and experiment with untethered flight. This led the skiers up mountain sides where they made ski launches, sometimes gliding as far as five miles.
Bennett went to the USA in 1969 and began a tou of exhabitions which included flying over the Golden Gate Bridge to land on Alkatraz, and, on July 4th, circling the Statue of Liberty. American fliers were still using the Lilienthal-type parallel bars and hanging by their armpits but Bennett brought with him a trapeze style control bar and swinging seat.
After the success of his tour he settled down in LA and began to manufacture and promote hang gliders to the growing market in Southern California.


1995: 2-4 Taylor St, Waverly, 2024 NSW, Australia.

1998: 1144 Bottany Road, NSW 2019 Botany, AUSTRALIA

2001: 200 Hillcrest Dr, Auburn, CA 95603, USA.
LiteFlite is owned and operated by Bill Moyes. Bill is based in Sydney at the Liteflite factory and frequently travels the world to sell and support his products. Bill has been flying and manufacturing aircraft since 1966 and has a long list of accolades to show for his efforts.


Bill Moyes

LiteFlite is a manufacturer of ultra light aircraft and hang gliding accessories. The main product from the LiteFlite stable is the Dragonfly, an ultra light aircraft most commonly used for towing hang gliders into the air. The Dragonfly has been in production since 1990 with approximately 100 aircraft being made, and is internationally recognised for its slow flying speed and great manoeuvrability.

Bob Bailey

2009: Moyes Microlghts Pty. Ltd, 173 Bronte Road, Waverly 2024, NSW, Australia.


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