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NPO Molniya

NPO Molniya was created 1976 to develop the Buran, Russia's first reusable spacecraft. With less work on Buran in later years, began developing civil aircraft. First to fly was six-seat Molniya- 1 general-purpose transport with twin booms and pusher engine (first flown December 1992); Allison turboproppowered version proposed as Molniya-3. Projects include twin-engined Aist general-purpose transport in six- and nine-seat versions; Lagoda 10-seat amphibian; Molniya-100 19-passenger transport; Molniya-300 6/15-passenger high-performance business/commuter transport; Molniya-400 combi transport or freighter with twin turbofans, in combi configuration carrying 250 passengers on upper deck and freight containers on lower deck; Molniya-1000 Heracles twin-fuselage super-heavy freighter with a 450-tonne payload (or possible 1,200-seat passenger capsule) and 6-10 engines; and Vityaz smaller variant of Heracles.


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