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Airwave Gliders

Airwave was created in 1979, originally as a Hang Glider manufacturer on the Isle of Wight. Graham Deegan was a sail designer and Rory Carter specialised in the hardware design.

Airwave's early successes were on the Magic series of Hang Gliders, with a team of British pilots who dominated the World Hang Gliding Competition circuit for over ten years.

Airwave Gliders’ production moved to China in the middle of 1997 but the company’s headquarters remains on the Isle of Wight.

1998: Elm Lane, Shalfleet, Newport, UK PO30 4JY Isle of Wight, UK

Even though sales of Airwave gliders were strong, the company was in a deep financial crisis. As a result of this Bruce left and the old Airwave collapsed and folded.
After running Wills Wing Europe in the early 1990´s, in November 1999, Markus Villinger took over Airwave and the company moved to his home town of Stubai, in the Austrian Alps.

Hang Gliders are made in the Airwave factory, while paragliders are manufactured by subcontractors.

Bruce Goldsmith, an engineer, joined Airwave in May 2000, set up Airwave Paragliders and started designing Airwave's paragliders from his home in Greolieres, France.
Starting in spring 2005 Airwave have been doing wind tunnel testing as well as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to study the gliders as well as the traditional full scale test flying procedures.


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