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A. Mikoyan and G. Gurevich design bureau established December 1939; still operating in 1990 as MAPO "MiG" as part of MIG "MAPO-M" organization, although Gurevich retired in early 1960s and Mikoyan died December 9,1970.

MiG-1 fighters with AM-35 engine produced 1940-1941; developed MiG-3 produced until 1942. First jet aircraft built in quantity was MiG-9 with twin RD-20 (BMW 003A) engines, flown 24 April 1946. Swept-wing MiG-15 with Russian copy of Rolls-Royce Nene introduced 1947, built under license in Czechoslovakia and Poland. Followed by approximately 9,000 of derived MiG-17, with redesigned wing, manufactured 1950-1957. Twin Mikulin AM-5-powered MiG-19 flown September 1953, built under license in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and China. Superseded by delta-winged MiG-21, in service in the USSR from 1959 and, when built in India, was first Russian aircraft manufactured in non-communist country.

Col-Gen Mikoyan died in 1970.

As ANPK "MiG" named after A.I. Mikoyan Aviation Scientific Production Complex, produced MiG-23 (4,278 constructed 1969-1985; also built in India) and MiG-27 (over 900 between 1973 and 1983) related variable-geometry fighter and ground-attack aircraft, MiG-25 Mach 2.8+ reconnaissance aircraft and interceptor (some 1,200 built up to 1985), and MiG-31 long-range interceptor (about 400, operational from 1983).

MAPO 'MiG' produced MiG-21 upgrade as MiG-21 -93, MiG-29 Fulcrum lightweight close-air-combat fighter (first flown October 1977 and over 1,500 built, serving since 1983), improved MiG-29M (first flown April 1986) and MiG-33 export version, MiG-29K shipborne fighter prototype (first flown July 1988, first landing on aircraft carrier Admiral KuznetsovNovember 1989, and development restarted in 1996 after earlier program halt), MiG-35 multirole fighter (first flight 1999?), MiG 1-44 uniquely configured newgeneration combat aircraft (first seen February 1999), and MiG-AT/UTS/AC series of advanced and combat trainers. MiG-301/321 are reported hypersonic reconnaissance aircraft, thought to be under development. Also developing MiG-110 light multipurpose transport and MiG-115 and MiG-125 transports.


Migavia – the first national aircraft manufacturer in Russia aircraft corporations. RAC “MiG” is integrated company in which all technologies of design, production and improvement of aircraft are collected together in one legal frame. Corporation Migavia holds the shares of other corporations which are included into the complex of firms developing and producing the aircraft engines.







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