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L-W-F Engineering Corporation Inc.

Lowe provided most of the financing, while Fowler attracted Willard. Lowe soon secured total control, renaming the firm L-W-F Engineering, and Fowler and Willard departed in 1916. The company was reorganized as L-W-F Engineering Company in 1917.

Formed 1915 at College Point, Long Island, by Joseph Lowe, Charles F. Willard and Robert G. Fowler. Patented Willard's laminated wooden monocoque fuselage, but all three left in 1916, after which name assumed to mean Laminated Wooden Fuselage. Converted twelve DH-4s to single-seaters for U.S. Post Office, and built experimental twin-engined version.




Built series of its own designs, including trainers V-1, -2 and -3 of 1918-1919 for the Army. Constructed also Curtiss HS-2L and Douglas DT-2 for Navy, Martin NBS-1 for Army. In 1919 built ultralight Butterfly and a three-engined triplane, Model H Owl, based on Caproni design. This was offered to the Army but was not accepted. Built Model T-3 for Army, 1923-1924, designed but did not build experimental XNBS-2. Company ceased production in 1924.


The company was declared bankrupt in 1924.





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