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Lincoln Aircraft Company Inc
Lincoln-Page Aircraft Co
Nebraska Aircraft Co
Lincoln Aircraft Company Inc
Lincoln-Page Aircraft Co

Ray A. Page established Nebraska Aircraft Corporation at Lincoln, Nebraska, during the First World War, and was a builder of the Lincoln Standard biplane, and also built aircraft under subcontract to the U.S. government.
Began construction, in 1922, of the five-seat Air Coach. Between 1923 and 1925 offered the Lincoln-Standard Tourabout, a three-seat rework of the Standard J.1 of 1916. Also produced the Sport Lightweight biplane. Page acquired the rights to the New Swallow and redesigned this as the three-seater Lincoln-Page LP-3 in 1928, an attempt to catch up with developments in light aircraft design. In 1929 produced a two-seat trainer known as the Lincoln-Page Trainer.
Lincoln Aircraft Company Inc was the official name of Lincoln-Page from 1929, but both names used indiscriminately.
The last design was the parasolwing Lincoln Playboy of 1931. Firm was by then the Lincoln Airplane and Flying School.

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