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Luftfahrzeug GmbH
LFG Roland

Luftfarhzeug GmbH was founded by Krupp from the Flugmaschine Wright GmbH (originally Motorluftschiff Studiengesellschaft, 1906). Pre First World War manufacturer of Parseval airships at Adlershof, subsequently adopted Roland as trade name.
Built Albatros B and C types under license at Charlottenberg until their own Roland C.ll of 1915. Built a series of 12 fighter designs, of which only the D.II was built in quantity during First World War.
Produced the V-19 Stralsund, the first aircraft designed for carriage by submarines. After the war converted and built civil aircraft until 1925, including singie-engined landplanes and seaplanes for civil airlines.
Operated a number of shorthaul routes around the Baltic.
Went into liquidation 1928.


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