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Établissements Letord - Société d'Aviation Letord - 1921-1922

Beginning in 1909, Emile-Louis Letord began construction of aircraft out of a facility in Meudon near Paris, France. Ultimately the company was commissioned to build aircraft from other manufacturers (including Dorand and Nieuport) until the concern headed development of their own three-seat biplane - the Letord Let.1. The series encompassed the Let.1 up to the Let.7 and some 1,500 were eventually ordered by the French Air Force for service in World War 1 (1914-1918) but only about 300 were realized.

This company built bombers to designs of the Section Technique de I'Aeronautique, 1916-1918, as the Establissements Letord at Chalais-Meudon. The last of these aircraft to be developed was intended as a night bomber. It was in the same class as the Handley Page bombers, with a wingspan of 25.91m. In 1923 Letord built an experimental aircraft for the government, which was evolved by Becherau, designer of the prewar Deperdussins. In 1925 part of the works was let to Villiers, which built racing aircraft and the small Albert biplane produced under license of Tellier-Duhamel.


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