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Semyon Alexse'evich Lavochkin headed a design bureau formed for fighter production under the 1938 program. The first aircraft, the I-22, flew in 1939; also called LAGG-1 (Lavochkin, Gorbunov, Gudkov). Alterations on the production line 1940-1941 resulted in LAGG-3 with wood construction, with phenoform-aldehyde impregnated fuselage. Superseded by La-5 with radial engine in 1942. Followed by 1943 La-7,1945 La-9,1946 La-11.
This latter allmetal aircraft was the last piston-engined fighter in Soviet Air Force. Bureau later produced La-17, the first Soviet turbojet fighter with reheat, but was disbanded on Lavochkin's death in 1960.


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