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La Mouette

Founded in 1974 by brothers Gérard Thevenot and Jean-Marc Thevenot, the company was formed to produce versions of the American Seagull hang glider. Their glider was named La Mouette, after which the company was named. In 1979 they produced the La Mouette Atlas which remained in production through 2012 and of which there are over 8000 examples flying.
In 1986 the company started building paramotors and in 1995 introduced the "topless" hang glider, deleting the kingpost and upper flying wires.
1998: 1 rue la Petite Fin, F-21121 Fontaine les Dijon, FRANCE
In 2010-11 the company developed an electric aircraft, the Samson.
The company also built a rigid wing hang glider, the Tsunami and a powered parachute, the Skydancer under the brand Helite. Helite went on to be a company that specializes in air bag designs.

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