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Eire Colting Balloons Ltd
Colt Balloons Ltd

Hokan (or Hakan) Colting began building balloons in Ireland with fellow Swede Per Lindstrand in 1976, drawn, like many others, by that country's abundance of available skilled labor (much of the company's output went to Sweden).  Production of Colt balloons by Eire Colting Balloons Ltd. continued until the company moved to London in 1978, and changed its name to Colt Balloons Ltd. The company had half the staff of a giant like Cameron, but innovated by building many challenging special shapes, and fabricating most of the components itself, Colt made a name as a scrappy player in the industry, not to be underestimated. Resembling Thunder in the '70s, the two companies merged in 1980. ThunderColt continued production of Colt balloons, bringing the marque's ultimate output to 99 before production ceased.
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