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In 1921, Lewis Reisner, who had worked with Bellanca at Maryland Pressed Steel, founded Reisner Aero Services, a company that serviced and sold aircraft. Four years later in 1925, Reisner and Ammon Kreider, a local shoe manufacturer, formed the Kreider-Reisner Aircraft Company on Pennsylvania Avenue in Hagerstown.

In 1926 the Kreider-Reisner Aircraft Co built the KRA Midget, a small racing plane that won the Scientific American Trophy Race held in Philadelphia in September 1926. In 1927 built the Challenger three-seat open-cockpit biplane using the cheap Curtiss OX-5 (or other) engine. Smaller two-seater also made. In April 1929, Fairchild acquired 82% of the common stock in Kreider-Reisner, making the Hagerstown company a subsidary of the Fairchild Aviation Corporation, which eventually became Fairchild Aircraft Company. The Kreider-Reisner types were added to the Fairchild series, the Challengers then being known as Fairchild KR biplanes (Challenger C-6 was KR-21; C-4 was KR-34). As a division of Fairchild Aviation Corporation in the mid-1930s Kreider-Reisner built the Fairchild 22 two-seat open-cockpit monoplane and the Fairchild 24 cabin type, also producing the Fairchild 71 amphibian.







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