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Kari-Keen Aircraft Inc
Formed in June 1928, in Sioux City, Iowa, as a subsidiary of Kari-Keen Manufacturing Company Inc., which made automobile accessories. Built Kari-Keen 90 high-wing side-by-side two-seat light cabin monoplane.
Kari-Keen's automotive product line included the Kari-Keen Kairrier automotive trunks and beds designed by Paul Lier and patented in 1925. Production started in Leeds, Iowa. In 1937, the automotive division ceased operations.
Kari-Keen also operated a flight school to operate their aircraft, the Kari-Keen School of Aviation. In 1930 C.F. Lytlebought the assets of the aviation branch and formed Sioux aircraft, changing the name of the Kari-Keen 90 into the Sioux Coupe 90. Only three prototype new models were built and retained the Kari-Keen logo on the tail.

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