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Aerowerke Gustav Otto
Aeroplanbau G. Otto and Alberti

Ago, the initials of Aerowerke Gustav Otto (founded 1912), was first applied in 1911 to products of Aeroplanbau G. Otto and Alberti.

Early products were modified biplane of Gustav Otto (German aviation pioneer, 1883-1926) and developments of Farman designs, but in 1912/13 a seaplane of original design was followed by other types. During 1915/16 Ago developed three pusher reconnaissance types: C.I, C.II and C.III with twin tails.

The C.IV was tractor biplane with sharply tapered wings; about 70 served during 1917/18. Experimental types included seaplanes. The Ago name disappeared until late 1930s, but during the Second World War was again current for Ago 192 Kurier light twin-engined monoplane (built 1938).

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