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At the Antonov Construction Bureau there was an Ultralight Aircraft Department well-known for its creations: hang gliders Slavutich-UT, Sport-5 and trike T-2. These were created according to aircraft requirements, by people able both to compute endurance of anything and to test a hang glider in CAGI wind-tunnel. In the late 80s there started a co-operative trend and ITACO-CENTER co-operative was organised at the Ultralight Aircraft Department. This co-operative started to produce sports hang gliders C-14 and C-15, and about 150 of them were manufactured. Almost all members of USSR hang gliding national team used these hang gliders and after there appeared cracks in the "iron curtain", it was attempted to sell these machines to the Western states and they even almost completed their certification in Germany.

In 1991 specialists of the Ultralight Aircraft Department organised Limited Liability Association Aeros and starting from November began to manufacture new wings: sports hang glider Stalker-14 and wings for trike Stranger which became Aeros' "business cards" for the few next years.

In the very first year of the company's existence its specialists launched hang glider's safety parachute Down, a prototype of which was German canopy PSR. It was also decided to explore other spheres of ultralight aircraft. Fathers of paragliding theme were originally redesigned copy of a hang glider Airwave Black Magic (called "the Parasol"), which was popular in the West, and the first independent creative work – paraglider Zig-Zag. At that time Aeros' staff consisted of not more than a dozen enthusiasts.


32-B Obolonskiy pr
Kyiv 254205

In 1993 the first representatives of the company Aeros appeared abroad – in the UK and in Spain.

In 1994, with little experience in paragliders' manufacture, a decision was taken to start production of designs of АРСО: Starlite, Astra, Supra. These models were not the newest ones, but they fit in excellently for the CIS market. Over 80 paragliders were made, experience was acquired and production was organised. At this stage a framework decision was taken – to manufacture all aircraft only of high quality materials and parts. In most cases these were imported goods: fabric of a German company POLYANT, ropes and wire products LINDEMANN, plastic and special parts FINSTERWALDER, paraglider fabric CARRINGTON and GELVENOR. Full-scale production of harnesses for hang gliders and paragliders began.

In 1996, a new, kingpostless design had already completed flight trials – Stealth 14 KPL. By the end of the year the wing was ready for certification in England and there appeared a small model Stealth 12 KPL. While designers and pilots were busy resolving a complex of "kinpostless" problems, motor wings gave stable income to the enlarged staff. In the course of a year 220 wings of Stranger type has been manufactured and the Aeros' staff expanded to 30 employees. Aeros was noticed not only in the Western Europe – within a year two distributors appeared in the USA, U.S.AEROS, dealing with hang gliders and Sabre Trikes dealing with trikes.

1998: ad32-B Obolonsky Pr., UKR-254205 Kiev, Ukraine

By 2001 the team consisted of over 70 specialists.





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