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Aeroprakt Kiev began in 1986 when Yuri Yakovlev, after graduating from Kuybyshev (now Samara) aviation institute, was invited to work at the Antonov Design Bureau in Kiev. Having met friends, Yuri founded together with them an amateur aircraft design club which received the name Aeroprakt, similar named as the Aeropract in Kuybyshev the club where Yuri begun his activity as aircraft designer and made his first successful steps in this area.
Kiev Aeroprakt began its activity from aerodynamic research of Aeroprakt-8 aeroplane built by Yuri Yakovlev during his work in Kuybyshev Aeropract. The research was carried out in a wind tunnel of the Central Hydro-Aerodynamic Institute in Moscow.
Aeroprakt aircraft are marketed by Global Aero Design Centre headquartered in Singapore, and includes the A-20 tandem two-seat ultralight (first flown 1991) and A-22 side-by-side two-seat very light cabin monoplane for recreational and other uses (first flown 1996), and is developing the A-24 two-seat amphibian.
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