Changhe Aircraft Industries

Jingdezhen Helicopter Corporation


Changhe began producing coaches and commercial road vehicles in 1974. These and other automotive products still account for much of output, but batch-produced helicopters have included the Z-8 and Z-l 1. First flew in December 1985 a heavy commercial/military transport and anti-ship helicopter as the Z-8, based on the French Aerospatiale Super Frelon. More recently developed a small multipurpose single-turboshaft helicopter as the Z-11, first flown 1996 and possibly based in part on Eurocopter Ecureuil. Name changed to Jingdezhen Helicopter Corporation in 1998.

CHAIG (formerly Changhe Aircraft Factory), occupied a 433 ha site at Jingdezhen, had a workforce of more than 10,000 in 1998.

CHAIG is responsible for manufacture of the tailcone vertical fin and horizontal stabiliser of the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter. The tail for the first S-92 was delivered to Sikorsky in May 1997. Changhe is also thought likely to become the centre for any Chinese licensed manufacture of the AgustaWestland A 109E Power, which was the subject of Sino-Italian negotiations in late 2002/earIy 2003.