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Domrachiev, Yuri Vlarimirovich
Soviet aircraft builder Yuri Vlarimirovich Domrachiev (Russian: Юрий Владимирович Домрачев) designed and built several gliders in Leningrad in the 1930s.
From 1931 Domrachiev began to work in the aeronautical construction section of the NIAI under the direction of IM Zharnilski. By 1934 this section separated from the NIAI, becoming an independent Special Construction Bureau (OKB), initially subordinate to the Institute's Student Combined and later to the LII GVF.
In the OKB the Lisichkin, Bedunkovich, Krylov, Domrachiev and later Bakshayev brigades were created. Each developed their own aircraft, but in many cases they were combined to achieve the end result.
In 1933 and 1934 Domrachiev created two competition gliders that participated in the national competitions at Koktebel.
When the Institute of Engineers of the Leningrad Civil Air Fleet was created, Domrachiev went on to work in the research department. In 1937, together with LS Vildgrube, he designed and built a transport glider with an M-11 engine.

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