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In response to the considerable aging and reduction of the inventory of the country's air fleet, the FAA encouraged a plan for the progressive replacement of the fleet through manufacturers of national origin.
It was decided for Chincul SACAIFI to manufacture aircraft under license from Piper Aircraft Corporation. The company was a wholly owned subsidiary of "La Macarena S.A.", Piper's Argentine distributor. Thanks to Piper's licensed production plan to produce aircraft. abroad, it envisaged assembly in emerging third world countries, with the main benefit of commercial penetration and the reduction of labor costs that this implied.
With industrial promotions, which gave reductions and tax deferrals to certain areas of the country, they took the owners of Chincul to settle in the town of Pocito in the province of San Juan.
There were built two hangars: Endings, and production: 70 m front by 110 m long. Together with other sectors and annexed workshops, the total covered area reached 14,000 sq.m covered.
The inauguration of the plant occurred on December 12, 1972. The plant maintained a simultaneous process with 10 assembly lines, with about 450 employees (between technicians and aeronautical mechanics), working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year "24x7". In total they produced some 960 aircraft. In 1978 there were 500 employees.
By the middle of the 1980s, the Sanjuanina plant started a slow downward slope due to the inflationary process that was experienced at that time, in addition to the bankruptcy of its Piper Aircraft mother house.
The Cuyano settlement of the Beraza tried to keep the head for a while longer, but 10 years of setbacks prevented it.
Signed agreement with Bell Helicopter Textron 1990 for helicopter co-production.
Finally, between 1991 and 1994, a final series of the PA-18 Super Club model was produced, definitively ceasing the activity on January 31, 1995, the date on which its huge gates were closed at the Pocito plant.
Today the facilities offer the image of a sad abandonment.

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