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In 1929 Aeronautica Vittorio Bonomi built a two-seat cabin monoplane to the design of Ing Abate. This was developed subsequently by Captain Bonomi and produced as the Bonomi 25 Monoplane.


Most construction was carried out by Aeronautica Lombarda (aka AVIA) - hence the common use of Aeronautica Lombarda BS-28, etc.

Designer for Bonomi was Dr Ing Camillo Silva, explaining the BS-xx system used to designate Bonomi glider and sailplane designs. Most were assigned popular names as well.

Prior to becoming part of Aeronautica Lombarda, Bonomi built at least two other designs that are outside of his designation system - the 1929 Bonomi 25 Monoplano and the 1936 Bossi-Bonomi Pedaliante human-powered aircraft.


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