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Coanda, Henri
Henri Coandă, born June 7, 1886 in Bucharest, son of Gen. Coanda the Rumanian War Minister, had trained as an engineer in France and was an artist of merit as well. He had studied under Eiffel, whose wind-tunnel at Auteuil was the first to be built in Europe.
At the Paris Salon of 1910, Coanda exhibited a novel biplane whose engine drove, not an airscrew, but a small-diameter ducted fan. It is uncertain whether this biplane ever flew, as has been claimed, but Coanda deserves due credit for originating this form of propulsion unit. Another of Coanda's projects was a tandem-wing monoplane with a submerged engine driving an airscrew mounted half-way along a streamlined circular-section fuselage.
Coandă joined Bristol in January 1912 and his first design for Bristol was a two-seat monoplane trainer, a development of the Bristol Prier Monoplane, controlled by wing warping.
Coandă died on November 25, 1972 in Bucharest.

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