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Hiway Hang Gliders Ltd
Hiway, founded by John Ievers and Steve Hunt, first produced a standard Rogallo, in 1973.
Sirhowy Hill
Gwent NP2 4XP
27/35 Bernard Rd
Hiway decided to return to simplicity for a new range of gliders, with no wing wires. Hiway designed the airframe to fles in a particular way under flight loads, and then sew the sail to fit the shape exactly.
The first of the range were 1) Super Scorpion, a cross-country hang glider. 2) Spectrum, intermediate glider. 3) Gemini, purpose designed two-place glider. 4) Harrier, primary and training glider.
Hiway hang gliders was re-floated as Hiway (83) Ltd. under the directorship of Jim Bowyer, Rod Macdonald and John Ievers (one of the original founders). Glider designs which have been carried over to the new company were as follows: Excalibur, a high performance CFX with flexible tips. Price £1141.95. Vision. double surface intermediate. £897.00. Explorer .Advanced rigid wing with aerodynamic controls. These were made to fulfill a German contract.Price £1581.25. Superscorpion 2. Post P1 .Price £747.50.(Manufactured 83 to 85).Stubby. Training glider.




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