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Richard Gallon began flying in 1985 in Hilaire du Touvet and by 1989 had begun to experiment with the new sport of acro paragliding. Alongside Andy Heidiger, Sebastien Bourquin and the Rodreguez brothers.
Richard went on to work for UP, Edel, Skywalk and many others. While working as a test pilot for Skywalk, Richard was in need of an acro wing. Skywalk weren’t interesting in making one so Richard decided to do it himself “just for fun”:
“I gave it the name of one of my daughters, it was like a personal pleasure for me, just for fun… Afterward some friends tried the wing and said ‘not bad, can I have one?' and I said yes, why not and it continue and I fell in the trap…could not run away. So my team got bigger and I got a lot of help from all around... it motivated me.”
3 years on airG had grown, but was still a small player in the paragliding world. Asked how involved he is in the design and manufacturing process these days Richard says “It’s just me and RR (Raúl Rodriguez).”

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