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Farner, Hans U
Hans U. Farner was a Swiss aircraft designer whose footlaunched canard ultralight sailplane had briefly reached production in 1966. In November 1974 he filed a patent for a novel control system, particularly suitable for canards. This suggested mounting the canard on a slender tube which slid snugly within a second long forward tube that, together with a pod containing an engine, pilot and bearing mainplanes, formed the fuselage.
In November 1976, the team moved to an old mill in Wald (Switzerland). In February 1977 Ernst Ruppert, Hans Farner and Heinrich Bucher (who provide the funds) set up Aviafiber AG, with a view to marketing Canard 2FL. In the same year, the company became Canard Aviation AG after an agreement with the Avia oil company.
The inaugural flight took place on 13 August 1978. Subsequently, numerous other flights were carried out, totaling about 60 hours, and improvements made.
The HF 1-SL Colibri canard designer was Dipl-Ing Hans U Farner, a professor at Universität Zürich. Aerodynamicist Hans Farner was killed testing Canard 2FL HB-3000 in 1980. His Canard 2FL, Canard SC, and Canard SCM designs were then withdrawn from the market by his financer and business partner, Heinrich Bucher.

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